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Optimize Localism - Achieve Eternal Supremacy

A common broadcaster refrain is to "honor the hallmarks of quality, balanced journalism while maintaining a focus on localism and community service". But where is it written that a broadcaster's localism and community service efforts must be limited to news exposés and an occasional in-person visit?

For us, localism is a widespread digital community connection, one that touches everyone, multiple times a week, by enriching the pride, passion, and preservation desires of residents, businesses, and nonprofits, in every town; and it's provided exclusively, by one TV Station per market.

Combining the best of both worlds

Television dominated the media landscape for more than 3/4's of a century, with a simple Network/affiliate model that maximized viewership with exclusive programming and mass promotional capabilities. Over the last two decades though digital upstarts have seized control of media time spent, with a model centered around community and relationships. 

Now, as global & national communities expand their direct to consumer capabilities, (i.e. Facebook’s cryptocurrency, NBC’s Shoppable Ads, etc.), Localism.US, in a Network/affiliate proprietary and prestigious manner, transforms local connectivity, with a digital, Satellite Gateway platform, that:

- Establishes each Station as the preeminent source for local community, content, and commerce. 

- Elevates each Station's programming and promotion awareness, via daily interactions in an ad-free, Community Hub. 

- Cultivates each Station’s Millennial viewership with locally inspiring and humorous, user generated content (Includes a new, Station owned, OTT outlet).

- Plus, a lot more! 


Satellite Gateways are your owned, operated, and profitable, advantage

Owning local markets requires more than acquiring an app or tool kit, it requires a platform that is built specifically for regional community engagement, from the ground up (as the hierarchy/virtues chart above illustrates). 

Imagine the influence that one station can generate with a platform that empowers everyone to live their town to the fullest, with daily insights into neighborly passions & perspectives.; and the discovery of like-minded individuals - it's the ultimate relationship builder for local residents with each other, and for the TV Station with every aspect of the community.   

In short, we enable one Station to establish an unfathomable advantage, by becoming The Local Source, with minimal manpower requirements, while generating a new multi-million-dollar revenue stream.

Localism Fulfilled: Station Becomes The 'Difference Maker'

"In a hyper connected world what we have to do is move from differentiation to actually making a difference; to people, communities and societies..."