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When asked at Northeastern University’s Reinventing Local TV News Research Conference…"On the topic of millennials – how do you win them over; are you ever going to get these people to sit down and watch the 6 PM News"; Bill Fine, WCVB President and General Manager responded -

“If we knew the answer to that we would have probably implemented it already because we’ve been grappling with it for a long time. Our money is made on the group we have already been reaching, and to try to go really young alienates this group”

Localism.US has a solution to this challenge:


Our demographic nurturing strategy starts with a new, regionally focused streaming service that utilizes curated, locally generated user content, to establish the foundation of a lifelong bond between our local affiliate’s news division and their region’s younger audience.  

Whereas curating user generated content (such as ‘amazing dog tricks’ on You Tube) may provide a momentary chuckle for dog lovers, our curated content, on the other hand, is extremely relevant to the entire community, and our 16-interest group content pipeline seamlessly conforms to a familiar format; with the same Entertainment, Human Interest, Sports, Politics/Government, etc., segment categories of a typical news broadcast. 

As illustrated above though, our 'spotlight' segments are presented in a much different manner, whether it's a funny take on sports lookalikes, recognition for local achievers, an insider’s perspective of a school event, a local farm, a tour of a community based craft store, an interior design competition, local auto enthusiasts, or animal photography; our prideful and personalized user generated content resonates with a wider audience throughout our affiliate’s region (Note: Each of our Broadcast affiliates maintain complete control over their local OTT service’s content). 

For the TV broadcast aspect, incorporating a ‘nurturing’ strategy begins immediately, as the Station leverages their streaming ‘sister’ service's content, to empower the News Producer with an endless source of engaging community segments for them to integrate into the various evening news telecasts. Not only does this cultivate a younger audience into the Evening News Broadcasts, it also reduces the news division’s manpower and expense requirements, over time.



Enhance Broadcast / Establish OTT

Leveraging a vibrant pipeline of locally generated content from members to provide a wide array of programming options is different for the Entertainment Division than for the News Division. While News focuses on integrated ‘spotlight’ segments, the Localism.US team has identified two Entertainment distributed avenues for our affiliated stations to pursue; a “Best of our Community” Broadcast TV show, and a weekly half-hour OTT streaming program for each of the 16-interest based groups.  

"Best of our Community"


With the wealth of locally generated content at their disposal affiliated stations could optimize their community engagement with a weekly show derived from those entries that were voted best in their towns, counties and region. Here the station could choose a general direction (i.e. any of the 16 interest group entries), or provide a set of parameters, (i.e. “this week the focus is on heroes” or “upload your musical skills videos into the ‘Talents’ group and we’ll feature the best”). While it is easy to imagine the value of a local “Got Talent” type of half/hour program, we believe the universal desire to be recognized as a local celebrity will make each of our interest group categories a rich and engaging source of content.  


Whether our affiliated station airs network or syndicated programming, the rights of those programs are limited to one or two broadcast airings. The restrictive nature of these licenses, combined with the commonality of the programming in hundreds of markets, has limited the scope of an individual station’s OTT ambitions to their in-house programming, primarily News, until now. 

Localism.US changes those dynamics with an innovative regional OTT service that is comprised of 100% locally generated content, and wholly owned by our affiliated station. Here our 16 interest-based groups provide plenty of programming material to elevate the station’s engagement with their community and to provide members with a curated capsulation of a specific interest group. For example, the illustration above presents an original ½ hour weekly program from the 'Activities' interest group, where member hiking videos and recommendations, of the best trails combine with personal member experiences on those trails, and it's exclusively presented by a local healthy diet company. 


As we mentioned, each broadcast station can use the content however they choose, but we believe adhering to a TV broadcast schedule model, where new content from two interest groups are featured every weekday, and three interest groups are featured on the weekends would maximize engagement, 'stickiness', and word of mouth excitement. Of course, channel content will maintain a 'new' designation for six additional days, until the category’s next scheduled streaming episode airs). 

Every one of our 16-interest group ‘shows’ provide relevant, millennial targeted programming (and a perfect vehicle to promote our affiliate's broadcast station's programming).



Daily Commitment Recognition

Traditionally TV Station superiority has been dictated by programming, lead-ins, news anchors, and a trust that has been nurtured over time, between the news department and local viewers.

Today's viewership fragmentation though, thanks to an endless stream of programming options, has made it more difficult than ever to, get discovered by new viewers, and to develop devout viewership loyalties. 

Thus, in addition to the News & Entertainment community programming fortifiers, the third prong of our capitalize focus, fills in the gaps by providing affiliated stations with an unfathomable connection to the region. This includes free promotional tie-ins in every community, recognition on store shop windows, and the respect of the millennial generation who revere authentically altruistic companies, and according to Inc. Magazine, they “Love Small Business”. 

Mind you, if The Local Search Association is correct, “Less than 10% of SMBs ‘Extremely Marketing Savvy’ but 95% DIY”, it isn't hard to imagine how impressed and happy residents, especially millennials, will be when our affiliated station revitalizes their town's brick & mortar stores --- while strengthening their community's connectivity, and enriching their individual lifestyles, in the process. 

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