Welcome Prospective TV Stations/Networks



 Primarily Nextdoor: “The best way to stay informed about what's going on in your neighborhood—whether it's finding a last-minute babysitter, planning a local event, or sharing safety tips”. 


A hodgepodge of solutions ranging from Google (maps), Facebook display ads, Yelp, iOS & Android apps, to Local digital directories – none of which fulfill local Retail’s, Product specific, needs. 


Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple are the entities that dominate the local relationships via virtual means, but Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile/Sprint, and Comcast are doing their best to catch-up. 



Our TV Station provided Satellite Gateway captivates every community by digitally enriching local lifestyles, restoring Brick & Mortar vitality, and preserving the residential pride & charm of each town.  


 To establish community relationships, and develop daily engagement, our platform enables residents to efficiently navigate through the experiences, achievements, and moments that define their town.  


The combination of a locally integrated reseller & brand co-op platform (in-co-op), and a superior product browsing solution for residents to instantly identify every relevant Product offer; transforms town-based retail, forever. 


Empowerment at every level – The TV Station controls access to the community, the brand/product increases their influence, the reseller controls their ‘availabilities’, and residents manage their time (5 mins. or less) by instantly evaluating every relevant countywide offer.  


And The Timing Couldn't Be Better

Facebook’s recent privacy & lack of oversight disclosures, combined with the scrutiny of other tech leaders, has local businesses wondering what's next, and residents wondering if their appetite for locally relevant human-interest moments will ever be fulfilled.

For the first time, thanks to our Satellite Gateway platform, TV Stations have a synchronized TV / digital advantage over their tech counterparts, that is tailored to their regional strengths and goals. Now, each of our affiliates can maximize their prestige, pride, and purposeful aspirations to forge a path that is good for every local (resident & business) community member, while establishing their Station's market superiority forever, in exchange for a local co-promotional effort --- that's what we call Localism.US.

Ironically while many broadcasters will continue to jump at the next big tech "partnership" offer, it will be the Localism.US “Market Reset” opportunity that will have the most impact not only on our affiliated Station, but also on their entire community, as well as every local "predator" (national and global virtual entities). In short, commanding the local discovery and community building relationships, will be THE game-changer for one TV Station/Network. The only question is, will it be your Station/Network, or a competitor?