Satellite Gateway - The Transformative TV Opportunity


Affiliated Stations captivate their entire region by digitally enriching community lifestyles, and restoring Brick & Mortar vitality 


 Fortify television core, cement station supremacy and engage Millennials, while introducing a local OTT outlet and a Co-op ad breakthrough  

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 Boost Station/Network programming awareness, promotion, and clout in both physical and digitally exclusive environments 

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Turnkey & Easy - Affiliated Stations Instantly 'Provide'

1) An Unrivaled Regional Content Connection

Our Satellite Gateway platform enables residents to efficiently navigate through the experiences, achievements, and moments that define their town. Here members post, discover, and share, their locally relevant insights via 16 distinct interest groups (i.e. Activities, Art, Fashion, Heroes, Sports, Students, etc.) 

Localism.US affiliates leverage three proprietary outlets:

-   Digital community content hub  

-   Station integrated programming, contests, and promotions

-   Personalized OTT regional streaming service

2) A Revolutionary Commerce Solution

To revitalize Brick & Mortar businesses we created the ultimate community commerce browsing solution to help residents discover locally relevant opportunities instantly, and we combined it with a self-authoring digital marketing platform, that enables merchants to easily publish daily offers and product 'spotlights' to entice local consumers into their stores. It's an effective way to replace the generic store ads which don't resonate with today's impulse purchasing, and convenience minded shoppers. 

At the heart of our local commerce solution is an integrated Co-op (in-co-op) Exchange that revolutionizes Co-op marketing by creating a symbiotic brand/merchant relationship offering --- an exclusive focus on behalf of the reseller who provides invaluable see, touch, & feel, product fulfillment for the brand, in both their physical & digital spaces, in exchange for a 100% subsidy of the reseller's low out-of-pocket expense on behalf of the brand. This in turn optimizes awareness and sales for both the reseller and brand. 

3) Local Altruistic Empowerment

Our affiliated Stations also become altruistic leaders by enabling every community-based charity & public service, to seamlessly inspire, inform, and boost involvement (without any clutter, display advertising, or expense).

In The Process, Satellite Gateway Affiliates Generate

1) Programming And Awareness Dominance

We insert our local affiliate's website news widget on every member's, ad-free ‘My Local Hub’ page; while coverage from participants at every local event, and physical store tie-ins, help increase TV viewership.

2) A Substantial New Revenue Stream

Our affiliates generate millions of dollars on average, with minimal manpower and expense requirements on behalf of the affiliated station.

3) 'Value Added' Benefits

For example: 

- Connectivity: Organize community events & meet-ups, expand upon meaningful relationship building to boost sponsored event participation, develop local 'ambassador' alliances (i.e. Real Estate Brokers), etc.

- Revenue: Garner a larger share of local ad dollars by becoming the digital marketing 'go to source' for participating businesses and offer TV/digital packages to broaden merchant success.

- Content: Create new forms of polling, enlighten town members with comparative results from neighboring towns, and develop new avenues to distribute and monetize content.

About Us

We're seasoned media professionals who seek to elevate our television partners, in both their core & new outlet needs, by enabling them to disrupt the disruptors.  

Localism.US provides an exclusive affiliate relationship with one TV Station per market. Affiliates can run the gamut of a TV Network, a TV Station Group, or individual TV Stations.

The portrayal of specific TV Stations at Localism.US is for demonstration purposes only and does not necessarily represent an existing partnership.

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